Best Nappy Bin

February 11, 2016

So what is the best nappy bin?

Well we maybe biased, but we think that OdoCare Baby is the best nappy bin.

Why you may ask? Well for starters it’s very simple to operate, keeps nasty smells inside and uses bags not expensive cassettes or cartridges. Another reason we feel that OdoCare Baby achieves¬†‘best nappy bin’ status, is because it’s available in 3 different sizes for various usage scenarios.

OdoCare Baby Regular – Holds up to 30 nappies, so is an ideal nappy bin for home use, child minders or small nurseries.

OdoCare Baby Medium – Holds up to 50 nappies, the perfect fit for medium sized nurseries and kindergartens.

OdoCare Baby Large – Holds up to 75 nappies, very few nappy bins have this capacity to hold so many nappies whilst still being simple to use.

Not only that, OdoCare Baby should also be considered the best nappy bin as it uses bags. Not expensive bags, but good quality bin liners that can be found at many high-street supermarkets.

So if you’re looking for a new nappy bin or upgrading your existing nappy bin to save money, choose an OdoCare Baby. You’ll then see why we think it’s the best nappy bin available.


No Smell Nappy Bin That Works
OdoCare Baby Overview
Say goodbye to expensive cassettes & cartridges!
  • Robust Design
  • Odourless (Keeps Smells Locked-In)
  • Different Sizes Available
  • Simple to Operate
  • Easy to Clean