• Welcome to the next generation ofOdourless Nappy Bin

    • Suitable For

      Home Use, Nurseries, Childminders and anywhere there’s a changing table!

    • Hygienic

      Odourless Nappy Bin keeps smells locked-in

    • Saves You Money

      Uses bin liners not expensive cassettes or cartridges

  • Odourless Nappy Bin

    • Three Sizes

      Regular (upto 30 nappies). Medium (upto 50 nappies). Large (upto 75 nappies).

    • Easy to Clean

      Can be dismantled and deep cleaned

    • Simple to Use

      Place, turn, gone. No more twisting & turning!

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  • Best Odourless Nappy Bin Awards

  • Odourless Nappy Bin - Nursery World Show 2015



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  • OdoCare Baby uses bags not expensive cartridges or cassettes.

    • You could be saving £££’s a year.

      The OdoCare Baby can use bin liners, this helps keep the disposal cost of dirty nappies to an absolute minimum.

  • Odourless Nappy Bin Uses Bin Liners


    • The Average Child can use up to 6500 Nappies Between 0 & 2½.

    • %

      4% of Household Waste is Made up of Nappies.

    • Over 8 Million Nappies Are Used Daily in the UK.

    • That’s 3 Billion Nappies a Year in the UK Alone!

  • OdoCare Baby is always on-hand when you need it.

    No more Smelly Nappies, place the Nappy into the OdoCare Baby Odourless Nappy Bin and turn the handle and the Nappy drops into the disposable bag – Simple as That!

    Difficult Twist & Turn mechanisms will be a thing of the past. The OdoCare Baby Odourless Nappy Bin has an effortless mechanism that disposes of the Nappy into the bag, while keeping the odours contained inside.

    • Lower running costs, No expensive cartridges to buy
    • Uses bin liners (use your own or available from us)
    • Perfect Height for changing tables
    • Three sizes available - Regular, Medium & Large
    • Patented Odourless Nappy Bin Mechanism - quick & effortless
    • Baby Product of the year nomination
    • Fully TÜV Approved (Safety Certified)
  • Odourless Nappy Bin - OdoCare Baby

    • I would certainly recommend this nappy bin to other childminders, it does what it says with great ease and is actually enjoyable to operate!

      Cheryl Dummer
      Scamp Camp
    • We are extremely pleased with our purchase of the OdoCare Nappy Bin. It arrived swiftly and took just minutes to put together.

      It is a neat, tidy, and easy to maintain hygienic unit and certainly retains all nappy odours once nappies are disposed of in the unit, which was a main factor in our decision to purchase.

      Lorraine Dand
      Honeypot Pre-School
    • In short, the Odocare Nappy Bin is fantastic! It looks smarter as there is no nappy sack hanging over the edge.
      We can fit our yellow sacks straight in the bin ready for collection by our contractor without the need to transfer the sacks from one bag to another. They are more efficient at keeping any unpleasant smells in the bin so that the bathrooms smell fresher. And they are so easy to use, the staff love them.

      Anne Shrieves
      Woodstock Day Nursery

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